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Advertise Your Directory to the Best Advantage – Search for Good Master Directories

You know very well Advertising is an integral part of any business or commercial activity, to attract the attention of customers; and without customers there is no business. In real-life situation, advertising is done on a very big scale by corporate giants, and with budget-consciousness, smaller businesses refrain from this rat-race. If you walk through a bazaar, you'll come across many a name board of businesses, even if you are not particular in searching for them. In the case of Internet Marketing this is slightly different though.

When a website is designed and floated on the High Street of World Wide Web, it does not reach the customer automatically, just like that. Every website has to make its online presence known to the ultimate customer it has to do business with. This is done by making the net visitor search for it through the Search Engines, with the appropriate keywords, exactly pertaining to the site in question. This is what Search Engine Optimization is all about and advertising the website in the respective web directories is the key for success in this process.

It follows therefore that websites should be advertised well, by submission of their back-links to bring forth visitors, to the site in enormous volume. If you are an owner of one of those web directories that get websites enlisted, classified and categorized properly, the same thumb rule of advertising applies to you also, by all means. Even though named as Web Directory, yours is also a website for all intents and purposes. How will you make known that there is such a Web Directory, where websites in certain niche, topic, subject, or business can advertise and get benefited?

Well – it is here the same process of advertising your Web Directory in a popular Master Directory or Directory of Web Directories is needed importantly. What is the definition for a popular List of Web Directories? The Master Directory that contains comprehensive Lists of Web Directories in assorted niches, subjects and topics, where the Search Engines place their unflinching faith for crawling and picking websites, as "reliable" for projection to the net visitor, through their Indices can be defined as a Popular Master Directory.

Such Master Directories undertake the task of advising the net visitor or searcher of the web properly, where to look for the particular site he or she is searching for. This is done by educating the visitor through reviews and evaluation of each of the Web Directories listed therein, with regard to their true potential and contents. These Master Directories being professionals in the field, without bias they are able to identify good and useful websites for the ultimate web visitor. And that's how they wield the power of dominance, as Popular Master Directories.

There is also another profitable way of putting your paid advertisements, to focus lime-light on your Web Directory in these Master Directories, which can yield best results. So if you want your Web Directory to become popular, advertise your Directory to the best advantage – start your search for good Master Directories right now!

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468x60 Sitewide Header Banner:

directory ready header banner
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The 468x60 header banner ad is the no.1 advertising spot on Directory Ready. Your banner ad will appear on every page of the site and has a very prominent spot which stands out against our design.

Advertisement Details:

Availability: Maximum 3 (3 available)
Pages: Sitewide
Monthly Price: $60

Front Page 468x60 Banner Advertising:

front page directory ready banner
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Directory Ready's front page 468x60 ad is also most popular ad on the site. Advertise your Website for best visiblity.

Advertisment Details:

Availability: Maximum 2 (1 available)
Pages: Main Page
Monthly Price: $30

125x125 Sitewide Banner Advertising:

directory ready sidewide banner
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For those of you looking for sitewide advertising, we have 18 sitewide 125x125 banner advertising positions. Your banner will appear on every page of Diretory Ready. To be Loyal to our all advertisers these banners will rotate randomly on each page load for equal amount of exposure.

Advertisment Details:

Availability: Right Ad Maximum 10 (8 available)
Left Ad Maximum 10 (8 available)
Pages: Sitewide
Monthly Price: $30

Top Of Directory and Websites Lists - 468x60 Banners:

niche Directory List Banner
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Space is now available for you to place your banner at the top of any of our directory and websites lists. Banners are above the fold on the top of the directory list. There are different prices for the main, niche directory and website lists (see below). There is a limit of 1 banner per list.

Advertisment Details ( Top Main Directories and Websites Lists):

Availability: Free Directories (1 avail)
Niche Directories (1 avail)
Paid Directories (1 avail)
Article Directories (1 avail)
Social Bookmarking Sites (0 avail)
General Directories (1 avail)
Guest Blogs (1 avail)
Press Release Sites (1 avail)
Pages: Single Specific List (top)
Monthly Price: $15

Advertisment Details (Niche and Website Lists):

Availability: General Directories (1 avail)
Bidding Directories (1 avail)
Blog Directories (0 avail)
Blogs Creation Websites (1 avail)
Business Directories (1 avail)
Classified Websites (1 avail)
Coupon Websites (1 avail)
CSS Gallery Directories (1 avail)
Deep Links Directories (1 avail)
Document Sharing Sites (1 avail)
Finance Directories (1 avail)
Forum Websites (1 avail)
Gambling Directories (1 avail)
Health Directories (1 avail)
InfoGraphic Websites (1 avail)
Other Niche Directories (1 avail)
Photo Sharing Sites (1 avail)
Podcast Directories (1 avail)
Q and A Sites (1 avail)
Real Estate Directories (1 avail)
RSS Directories (1 avail)
Search Engines (1 avail)
SEO Directories (1 avail)
Social Networking Sites (1 avail)
Travel Directories (0 avail)
Video Sharing Sites (1 avail)
Web 2 0 Sites (1 avail)
Wiki Sites (1 avail)
Pages: Single Specific List (top)
Monthly Price: $10