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Welcome to Directory Blog
Nov 30,2012  


I want to ask all of you that how many of you have a blog? Some of you must be having more than one blog in various niches. If your blog is not categorized by various divisions then can you imagine how much trouble it can cause to you as well as for others who are reading your blogs. For this particular reason to organized blogs according to various topics directory blog has been created.

blog directory

Directory of Directories Blog

You must be writing blogs on travel, recipe, cuisines, food, books, science, art and on any other topics and you must be puzzled where to submit your blog. And there a need of directory blog arrives. One can submit his/her personal or professional blog in directory blog under various topics which is related to that particular blog. The good news is that this directory blog is free where you can submit your website too.

 There are number of ways through which you can promote your blog. The first and foremost way is to submit your website to a web directory where you can choose a good list of blogs. You have to make sure while posting a blog into directory blog that your blog should be indexed on the main search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo. If you want to build up your network then start taking part in online networking sites like linked in etc. Try submitting your blog to the main RSS directories. Give posts and highlight the design of your blog which will attract people. Post comments on other people blogs as well so that people may know you.

 Setting up a social network will help you in getting more readers to your blog. Also you can submit your articles to directory blog with link to your blog by adding a signature. Adding a poll or survey is a good idea in getting more number of people to your blog. Always include your blog address on your visiting cards and use it while writing a mail. Participating regularly on other blogs by commenting or posting you can get a good feedback. You can also invite guest bloggers to your blog and you can also be a guest blogger on your friend’s blog. This will help you as well your friend in building a good network. By offering a sign up bonus you can also increase RSS feed sign ups. If you don’t’ know how to do all this then ask us by leaving your feedback below and we will revert you back soon.