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Hot vs Not PR 6 Web Directory - Get 20% off using Discount coupons
Jan 02,2014  


Hot Vs Not Web Directory Announces Discount 2014

Top Web Directory  Hot Vs. Not Comes Up with Permanent Discount Offer in Listing Services for Promotional Purposes for the Benefit of Assorted Websites getting listed under wide-open Featured Directory Listings

Hot vs Not , is one of the top web directory in directory of directories with Page Rank (PR) 6 .

Having Domain Authority of 85 with good amount of backlinks.

Also hot vs not is almost 10 years old web directory. So, why to wait submit your website to Hot Vs Not web directory , But As it is little expensive compare to many other web directories

 Get 20% discount by submitting to the web directory hot vs not using the coupon code : DRD20HVN


Hot Vs. Not is a seasoned Web Directory of fame, serving the online community for over 10 years. The Directory is regarded as Top Directory by virtue of its expertise gained in listing experience of websites, along with the growth of website population over all these years in multiple categories. This web directory is part of the Master Web Directory of Directories, Directory Ready, which has earned wide popularity among website owners, web masters involved in SEO Services and web directory owners, together with the online visitors at large.

The high-quality service of Hot Vs. Not Web Directory has placed it in good stead from the Search Engine perspective, and earned Page Rank (PR) 6. Over the years, this web directory has earnestly endeavored in popularizing websites, in all the varied niches, subjects, topics and businesses, scattered around the world online. The team of editors employed by Hot Vs. Not are professionals putting forth their best efforts in scrutinizing the web content of each and every website, applying for listing under their Web Directory Listing Services.

This is in line with the changing scenario of Search Engines’ crawling activities, repeatedly refined and crossing many benchmarks already laid down, for picking up websites instantly and projecting them through the indices before the online searchers. Thus Hot Vs. Not Web Directory strives hard in establishing their standard of service, for achieving success to the websites listed in their web directory. The classification for listing is done with a view to achieve maximized web site promotion through Search Engines, by answering the challenges posed by Search Engine Algorithm updates.

The listing services of Hot Vs. Not through their Featured Directory Listing categories, earn prominent places in Search Engine indices and divert cost-effective, organic and targeted net-visitors in enormous volumes to websites. This benefit is further augmented by the latest announcement made today by Hot Vs. Not Web Directory. The seasoned and popular web directory wants its listing services, which is felt somewhat expensive but justified by the success rates achieved by the Page Ranking and Popularity of websites, to be less by at least 20% henceforth.

With this favorable aspect in mind, HotVsNot has announced a flat Discount of 20% for all its listing services of websites under any niche, subject, classification, or business category of featured listing. The benefit of achieving popularity by listing the websites under Hot Vs. Not Web Directory with high PR, together with the benefit of getting listed through this web directory under the Master Directory of Directories, Directory Ready, which has been a widely popular Master Directory are getting enhanced by this over and above benefit of discounted listing services, by 20% permanently. 

Hotvsnot Coupon Code

For the purpose of availing this fabulous 20% Discount at Hot Vs. Not, the website owners have to use the coupon code : DRD20HVN

About Hot Vs. Not Web Directory:

Best savings offered by hotvsnot web directory using coupon code, , is very hight authority and high quality web directory with PR 6 and domain authority= 83, you can submit your website using coupon code DRD20HVN and get 20% OFF.

Hotvsnot more than 10 years old web directory which is most respected by search engines.

Submitting your in hotvsnot can improve your search engine rankings and gives your website more visibility.


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Web Directories are compiled and readily available data about websites and their back-links, for the purpose of identification of individual websites. Some of these Web Directories attain popularity by their dedicated service of classic compilation of websites, under various categories and niches among the net-world visitors instantly. Hot Vs. Not is one such popular Web Directory, seasoned by their service in this field over 10 years. As regards their credibility, the web directory is in possession of High Page Rank (PR) 6 and Domain Authority of 85 with innumerable back-links. Its customers are greatly benefited by their latest 20% Discount Offer.