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Designxf Paid Directory Discount Coupon / Promo code
Jan 25,2013  



Designxf Top Paid Directory Announces Discounts for 2013

 Famous and Top Paid Directory of Directories, Designxf Declares “ Offer” of Considerable Discount up to 50% On Their Listing Services for the benefit of Website Owners 

Designxf one of the Top Paid Directory with PR 4 and 9 years old Web Directory.

Desginxf announced Discounts which is valid upto 31 DEC 2013

Get 50% Discount using Coupon Code - DXF50CHRIS for PR 4 Directory.


Designxf is one among the most popular Paid Directories, under the auspices of the Great Master Web Directory, Directory Ready. This web directory has been functioning under the name and style of, for listing assorted categories of websites in the most popular and easy way of categorization. Designxf hits the top of Paid Directories by their “instant approval” concept, whereby websites of any niche can get listed under the appropriate category, and be projected before the online consumers through the Search Engines, without wasting the precious time, which is the essence of any business online, intended for Online Marketing.

Over the last 9 years in listing service, Designxf Top Paid Directory has excelled as High Quality Web Directory. This distinction it has achieved by the manual evaluation of each and every website submitted for listing with meticulous care, so that the web content is analyzed in the proper perspective, for being listed in the most appropriate heading or category or niche. This quality-consciousness in evaluation and listing has made the Paid Directory Designxf achieve high PR Ranking of 4.

The result of such high-ranking culminates in the websites getting listed inside Designxf Top Paid Directory, also getting priority treatment for their usefulness of web contents, to the online visitors at large. The Search Engines with their refined and updated crawling activities attach highest importance to this factor of usefulness of web content, to the net-population. Only those back-links of websites that contain highest quality contents, find the place in popular Search Engine indices.

As such the website marketing to get prominence among the millions of net-world visitors is made easy, by listing the website into the appropriate category of Designxf Top Paid Directory. Another plus factor for Designxf Paid Directory is - this is listed under the popular Master Directory of Web Directories, Directory Ready, which holds the first place of search when the Search Engines begin their website search, through the keywords.

Website owners and web masters focused on SEO Services are greatly benefited, by listing their respective websites under the widest classification of categories of Designxf Top Paid Directory. Now that the Christmas festivities are round the corner, Designxf Paid Directory has come forward, to reward the sponsors of websites, who have been showing unmatched support by listing their websites in the classification of Designxf Paid Directory.

As a mark of profound gratitude, Designxf Top Paid Web Directory has announced the “Christmas Offer” of 50% flat Discount for all listing services of websites, in their Paid Web Directory till the end of 31st December 2012. For availing this great promotional offer of cost-savings, the website owners and web masters are directed, to use the simple and easy promo code/Coupon Code - DXF50CHRIS.

By availing this fabulous limited time “Christmas Offer”, the website owners and web masters avail twin benefits namely – listing their website under the most popular high PR web directory; and doing so at half-the-usual charges.

About Designxf Paid Directory:

In the online listing services scenario for websites, there have been many web directories. Yet only a few of them like Designxf Paid Directory were able to get High Page Ranking, by popular Search Engines. Started before 9 years, Designxf Web Directory has dedicated itself in the services of websites, to get listed in a neat and proper way of categorization, for easy picking-up by Search Engines. The editors of Designxf devote careful attention in scrutinizing manually, every website submitted for listing their useful web contents for workable back-links. The “instant approval for listing” is a great plus-point of Designxf Top Paid Web Directory.