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You Use Directory of Directories without Knowing It when Entering Net
Nov 30,2012  



A telephone directory is compilation of all the info about the phones in a town or city. A web directory is similarly compiled information about each and every website, floated on the Internet. Without the help of these web directories, containing all the information about websites, classified and categorized into appropriate segments, it would be equal to groping in the dark in a maze, to find the desired website.

The compilation and classification in these web directories, towards listing the websites is done both from the view points of a web-searcher and a website owner as well. The master –book of a site, which brings forth all these websites, web directories on the one side and permitting listing in these directories on the other, is Directory of Directories. Every visitor to the net-world makes use of this master-book, of course not so overtly, but without knowing it in the process of searching for a website, through Search Engines.

The Search Engine’s spiders crawling on the available database, to project a long-list of related website links to the keywords searched for, takes place in micro-seconds. This swift action makes the net-visitor unaware of this behind-the-scene activity. Yet it is true the Directory of Directories is the first step in routing the search, through the Search Engines. Like the web directories, the master-book also provides easy availability of the desired website, from the List of Directories stacked neatly in their website – category-wise, niche-wise and even subject-wise.

You know there are millions of websites created and floated over the Internet. And the number is growing every day, as more and more websites are designed, developed and floated. Each website has a purpose to serve – be it business or service in providing products and services or providing mere information alone. Therefore, in order to introduce these websites to the net-visitor, they are submitted to the web directories for listing. This listing is done in the web directories – there are thousands of them in fact – to compile the name, address and content of websites in an appropriate order.

All these web directories get listed in the Directory of Directories, with appropriate identification by way of their contents, evaluation and reviews. So this helps website owners to identify the best web directories, where they can submit their website for advantageous promotion, to derive maximum benefit. Thus a net-visitor uses Directory of Directories unknowingly and the website owner knowingly for success of their website. Now you can add your website to directory ready.