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Technology lets go blogging
Nov 30,2012  


A lot of things change in our lives from day to day, one of those is technology which is always advancing and improving.  There are always new breakthroughs, and there are always people and companies keeping us informed of these through their websites and blogs.  A fantastic place to find a list of these tech blogs in all one place is Directory Ready, why search and trawl the net for tech blogs?  When you can find these comfortably all in one place why look for someone else?

The crunch of tech

This website chooses the best ones, conveniently stored for you to click on and check out, even offering a short description of what to expect.  The first being TechCrunch has an eye catching website to attract the visitor, reviews and comments on the latest gadgets, and also all news of future ones heading our way.  TechCrunch likes to keep the finger on the pulse of the technology already out there and also heading our way.  They also feature regular interviews with some tech geniuses like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame.

Do the mash

Our next website and blog is Mashable, which just like TechCrunch features all reviews on technological advances, from apple products and launches to cell phones and IPads.  Mashable tries to appeal to the consumer and also give general information on what to expect from the tech market at the moment and in the future.  It also has useful sections like development and design.

Top 10 of all

So we cannot ignore the fact that technology blogs are always there to keep us informed of recent and future technology plans, gadgets like cell phones and IPads.  But more than that, if you are not a tech guru like some are, each blog tries to explain all the tech jargon in simple terms.  So here for your own reviews are the top list of technology blogs:  TechCrunch, Mashable, Buzz Feed, Gizmodo The Huffington Post, Engadget, ZDNet, The Verge, Gigaom, and of course Buzz2Fone a mobile technology blog.

So in the confusing and often frustrating world of technology, from the novice to the expert, in tech terms or simple to understand ones, there really is a tech blog out there just for you!  And instead of typing in a search engine why not just go to one website, where all is listed in one place.  Just click on the links and then review, what could be simpler than that?