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SEO: Is Charging for Hosted Articles Bad
Jul 24,2016  


SEO: Is Charging for Hosted Articles Bad?

According to Matt Cutts, Google sees the internet as working this way. Someone somewhere puts up a piece of content. One other person finds and looks at it. If they like it they may react in a variety of ways: they may save it or share it or comment on it or click a link in it, or they may just forget about it because somebody came into the room and started a conversation.

Later someone else finds it and looks at it and, if they like, they may share or comment etc... you get the drift?

Well if enough people like your content sooner or later their activity is going to trigger something deep inside Google and Google will make the decision to include the piece of content in its Search Engine results pages. If enough activity happens then the content will rank quite highly – especially if it is about something new and exciting  – and even more people will find it and react with it.

On the back of that people will want to find out more about the originator of the content and you or your site will receive interest and that will trigger something else deep inside Google and the process will roll on but this time for you and your site.

Nowhere in that process does a paypal payment get spotted by a random robot, applied to the piece of content and the lovingly created and hosted item wiped from the SERPs.

All content costs to be created and distributed:  the photographer gets paid, the writer gets paid, the host gets paid, the editor gets paid, the PR company gets paid. It is not up to Google to define what is or is not a valid payment. Nor do they want that job.

All  Google will do is ignore that piece of content if it doesn’t create any activity. That may be because no-one looks at your site, it maybe that no-one likes the content, it could be a mixture of the two. BUT it will not matter whether you have got paid for the article or whether, miraculously you hosted it for free.

Sure some sites may be pinged for having a lot of unnatural links, but that will be because of the work that  they have done, not the work that you have done.

Sure your site may be regularly ignored by Google but that will because the only good thing about the content you host is that you get paid for it. If the good thing about your site is the content then it wont matter if you get paid for it.

If the content follows the rules of what the internet does it will not be “punished” by Google but, if your site becomes a vacuum of uninteresting content ,then you will struggle to work your way out of that vacuum... although only one really good piece of content could do that for you.

So the next time a PR person contacts you and says we don’t pay for hosting content but you’ve been lucky enough to be chosen to receive some, tell them to take a hike.

Tell them Google will appreciate good content which is lucky because good content is the entry level to your site and that only if it is good content then will it get considered. But don’t be greedy!

·         Make sure you do keep your standards high.

·         Make sure you only accept high quality, unique content and refuse anything less

·         Check links are relevent

·         Don’t ask for too much otherwise those buying will spend less on creating the content and that will lead to worse content.

·         Make sure you manage your site and keep links up to date and delete them if the targets change.

·         Use the content to nurture your audience rather than bombard them.