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2017 List of Top 10 Back Link Checker and Site Explorer Tool Websites
Feb 15,2017  


Trying to obtain visibility amongst millions on the internet can be a very difficult job but if you’re applying some of the basic SEO tools and getting results, you should never stop looking for more options. So if you come across a website that offers back line checking alongside site explorer, then you should not hesitate to improve your ranking. Back link history tool allows users to check in their content.

Basically it allows SEO users to understand the number of back way links that are attached to the site from a number of sources. Not only will this let you understand your own website’s potential but can also give you an idea about the competition you have. Say you’ve recently built a site which has to provide certain services. While trying to optimize your page you happen to fall upon the web pages of your competitors. Using the back link checker you will easily come to know where those links have been outsourced from and apply for similar strategy.

Another useful tool in the search engine optimization market is the site explorer. Unlike the SEO toolbar, site explorer allows users to explore a website in depth. If you’ve registered under an account that is premium then you can gain complete access of the tools that are presented within this application. Simply know that there are various kinds of websites that provide back link checking and site exploring tools to users who wish to dominate the market by increasing their visibility and ranking.

Top 10 Back Link Checker Tools


Hop on over to this site where you can gain access to around 500 results in every report that is scanned through the free account that you have. Apart from answering 100 queries a day it offers exclusive peek into the back way links present on a website. CPC value and keyword density orientation are further other options available.

Open Site Explorer

 Another useful tool that is rich with a variety of features. Introduced by SEOMOZ, the site offers daily reports of social media reviews apart from the back way links that it provides for increased visibility of your site.

Majestic SEO Site Explorer

 Known to be one of the best, this website offers one of the biggest databases completely updated with fresh new links and sources. There are no free options unless you do own a site however highly useful for marketing.

SEO SpyGlass

The name itself suggests that it provides information that promotes search engine optimization of your web pages. This software once downloaded will offer a tool that allows you to check around a 1000 back way links for free. Obtain scanned results from a number of search engines that efficiently provides marketing plans for your business.

Link Research Tools

It offers to you results collectively gained from 53 sources and 23 link sources in order to cite proper domains for resourceful optimization. It is inclusive of social media monitoring that can be gained in a package affordable for your convenience.

Rank Signals

Another website known to provide site explorer tools offers results in a different manner. It has a unique price range that should suit your budget. Their explorer options are highly recommendable that consists of link juice which is a tool that facilitates gathering internal links from a website.

Web SEO Analytics

While you’re counting the traffic, you should certainly give this site a chance that is compatible with Majestic SEO Site explorer. The point is that a ton of features are made available that allows you to check the back links of a website and gain access to the sources.


 Don’t think the list is over too soon! This site offers SEO based techniques that are invincible on the internet. You have to register and form an account of your own however visibility of data is free of cost for any recipient. Feel free to customize your search options.

Link Diagnosis

Probably one of the most common websites in use, it is quite similar to Yahoo Site Explorer. It is a free website and there are no limits that have been set for finding out number of back way links during the check.


Designed to specifically track and analyze the links present on the site, this website consists of features that allows you to generate content with links that improve ranking and visibility overtime.