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Top Dedicated Web Hosting Providers
Jan 27,2013  


Web hosting is an essential criterion which needs proper consideration if you are thinking top launch your own website of running small and big businesses. Running a business online requires having a proper well built website capable of representing your business. There are lots of web hosting solutions available today in market. Dedicated web hosting is also one of them. Dedicated server is quite different from other types of web hosting which are available. It is basically a managed hosting service which provides the full liberty to the customers to take up a part of the server and use it in any way their industry demands. 


Dedicated Web Hosting Reviews

Dedicated hosting differs from other types of hosting in terms of quality. Dedicated one is individualized which is only used by a particular industry while there is another type called shared hosting which deals with providing or sharing the same server. Sharing hosting deals with various clients at a time on a single server. Obviously, having a dedicated web hosting provides the users with more control as the entire server is used by their website thus providing them with full freedom to utilize it in any way they want. These are some of the reasons why dedicated web hosting is also considered as most reliable and fast technology too.

With lots of competition in the market, lots of companies have jumped into the scene each claiming with the best results. In such huge stream of companies the task to select a proper dedicated web hosting solution provides company becomes a little difficult. We have here simplified your task by providing you with some of the top dedicated web hosting providers. Have a glance to know about them.


List of Best Dedicated Web Hosting Sites


Dedicated server becomes the pre requisite for all the websites which deal with heavy traffic daily. Go daddy is a recognized brand name in the field of dedicated web hosting. It provides its users with 2 x 160 GB hard drive space along with 2 GB of RAM and 5 TB bandwidth with free set up at just $104.99. It is an ideal choice at affordable price.




Inmotion business web hosting

In motion dedicated hosting is our favorite one. When one wants to choose the dedicated web hosting company, it is very essential to choose the best one as you can’t compromise in this type of hosting. Their specialty is providing the best quality hosting to its clients at a much affordable price. Sun Microsystems hardware and dell servers are used by the company. All this is available to you at $119.95 and in return you get 2 x 160 GB hard drive with 2 BG RAM and 2.5 TB bandwidth with free set up.



Host Gator

You might not have heard the name of Hostgator much but it is one of the most reliable companies which is known for its excellent service. The reliability and Excellency of the company at services can be estimated form the fact that Hostgator at present is handling more than 100,000 shared hosting customers with ultimate dedication. You are provided with 2 x 250 GB RAM and 2 GB RAM along with 10 TB bandwidth at $139.00.




1 & 1 is also another major web hosting company that provides a large number of web hosting services for all business sizes ranging from individuals to businesses. 1 & 1 web hosting is particularly affordable and provides various advantages at a same time. It’s another major plus point is its green energy usage thus making its eco friendly. All this is made available to you at much affordable price by just paying £59.99 at which you will be provided with 2 x 250 SATA hard drive space and 2 GB bandwidth with free installation and an excellent security.


Pacific Host

Pacific Host forms another Dedicated web hosting provider company which provides 250 GB hard drive and 4 GB RAM along with 2 TB bandwidth at just $159.00.