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Ways of Getting Likes on Facebook
Apr 29,2014  


Companies engaged in business in some form or other become members of social networking media to reach out to millions of prospective customers on a more informal basis. In an attempt to seek answers to ';how to get likes on Facebook';, these companies could follow certain guidelines. These guideline if followed properly are certain to yield positive results in terms of creating interest and thereafter generating business    


Completion of Business Page Profile 

A business page profile is comparable to a person';s bio-data.  It should be made attractive by appearance, and catchy by content such that it is liked by members and visitors. Categorization of your page is essential as also the mention of contact details and timings of operation in case you operate from definitive addresses. These small pieces of information are crucial for viewers who are actually interested in your product or service. Once your profile is ';liked'; by a member, the same could be shared with friends. 


Convince close associates and friends 

It is essential to convince your friends and close associates to ';like'; you on your profile. These being known people should not have problems in ';liking'; thereby increasing your acceptability. A page with higher ';likes'; is capable of generating more such ';likes'; as compared to a profile with lesser number. Your acceptability and credibility would depend on the number of such ';likes';.  


Identification of interests

Identification of interests of your followers go a long way in increasing your acceptableness among them. Interests could relate to food habits, preferred vacation destination, games followed regularly and so on. Depending on these interests, you could make postings which are sure to generate reactions among members and inspire them to make comments. Sharing of thoughts and reactions are bound to make your social networking site more inviting to members. These likings spread like a chain, and one ';like'; has the potential of generating multiple ';likes';.


Insertion of Social Networking sites 

Addition of links of social networking sites to your website help in easy navigability to different sections like pictures, and recent posts. In this way, it makes your site more user interactive. 


Running competitions 

Running contests on your Facebook page helps in generating ';likes'; to a considerable degree. Contests, when they are riveting, are shared among members on a networking site. Rather than the contest itself, it is the interest among members that is important for a company. With sharing of contest among friends, your company gets a fair amount of publicity. A prerequisite that you need to follow in such contests is adherence to any Facebook application. In fact, using a Facebook application is through an URL that helps in promoting your contest thereby increasing the chances of generating more ';likes';.


Publishing engaging matter 

Contents if captivating are bound to invite posts from participating members regularly. In many cases, these posts are interesting and invite lot of comments which could be valuable to many. All these contribute to your likings. Contents when combined with striking images are bound to attract more members.


How to get likes on Facebook is a concern for business owners and a careful adherence to certain processes helps you in arriving at a solution.