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The Role of Directories in Online Business
Jun 16,2014  


The reason where  the directories play a major role for businesses in their online reputations is due to numerous changes in the Google algorithms , including Penguin and Panda. It is a common thinking that that directory is of no use at all, but this again is the wrong type of thinking and  just an SEO myth. The way a reputation could be enhanced through directories is that they give more online presence to your business and help people to find your business online. Another advantage is that they also help you to increase your search engine rankings for your website.

Good Directory Reputation

There are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration while submitting websites to a directory of good reputation. This should be identified by the businessman where to list the business to maximize mileage for the business. However, they should be careful before  trying to do any link building with Google. The following instructions need to be taken into consideration while selecting a good directory for the business to develop by leaps and bounds.

The older the directory (that which is not affected by Panda and Penguin updates) the better it is for the business.

It is good to check for Domain Authority using tools like It is recommended that it be above 50. There are several Search Engine Optimization (SEO) factors, including traffic, page rank, niche specific and number of quality backlinks pointing to them that also must be considered.

  • Niche specific specific directories are recommended, but good general directories are also good.
  • Make sure they are editorial and not instant or automatic inclusion.
  • The directories are only a small part of  your link building and not to be relied upon exclusively. Don';;t rely exclusively on them. Make directories only a small part of your link building. Try for different types of other submissions, including guest blogging, press release distribution and more. On the website the lists are available free of cost.
  • Taking Penguin into consideration to make the best choice is the most sensible thing to do.


Paid Directories and SEO Factor

If you are looking from a businessman’s point of view paid directories are better over free ones. This is because they need to pay for maintenance costs and there is nothing wrong in paying for it. While comparing directories a businessman must look for several factors, including, niche, online presence, budget and location. For example if your business is in the US, submitting it in a UK local directory is a senseless thing to do. SEO factor also must be taken into consideration.

Google Presence

There are certain things a business model needs to do to make the beta use of a directory and get value added exposure and advantage to their business. Several directories have heavy traffic; this is where the business is highlighted. If you happen to be local businessman the option of adding your business to other  directories makes you to be seen on Google as well.

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