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Blog and its benefit to the world

A blog is like a journal available on the web. The same is posted on regular basis and is visualized in reverse chronological manner. The person posting this blog in the site is called a blogger. The process of updating a blog by adding new information to is known as blogging. The most current blog appears at the top of the webpage. Blog contains features like link and comments. Blog directories sites are sites in which listing of blog is done for others to view. Blog directory is the fastest growing directory available on the web. Reading a blog is just like having a cup of tea at breakfast.

Reasons for blog starting:

There are various reasons for writing a blog and to keep writing it. Let's find out the reasons:

To showcase your opinion and thought: Blog provides the space to express your feelings about certain topic which can be of interest for viewers on the web.

Promoting: It's a unique method or a tool to promote the product and service related to your business or work.

Way to help people: By writing blogs on topics you are aware off, you can help others who want to know more on the topic for personal interest or for any other reason.

Establishment as an expert: by writing blogs you can establish yourself as an expert in the field and can guide others who are in need of it.

Connecting like minded people: Blogging connects like minded people, sharing their point of views on a discussed topic.

Making of money: If you are a potential blogger you can make money by writing blog with high commitment and labor.

Benefits of submitting blog in the blog directory site:

Getting exposure: by submitting your blog in the directory site will give you an exposure where readers will scroll on the web to read your blog.

Online networking: Online networking in the blog directory help you to find blogs written by others in same category of your interest. May be this connection can lead to a good business partnership.

Creation of first impression of the business: By writing good blog get yourself connected to your reader. If the impression so created is good it will attract more and more visitor to the site and a positive impact will be created in the mind of the readers.

Increase in traffic: By posting interesting blog in the directory you can increase the number of viewers and in turn can increase the traffic to the website.

In bound links: Get high end in bound links to the website. Some directories provide option of reciprocal link, which in turn increases the popularity of the website.

Methods to get more traffic by submitting blog:

Traffic helps you to reach more people on the floor. Some well known methods for this are:

Welcome fresh content writing: audience while appreciating for your blog expect you to write more fresh blogs on the topic to keep them updated about the latest happening.

Automatic posting to blogging directory: Regular submission of blogs will help you to attract more traffic to the website.

Getting back links: create a back link to your blog so that viewers can write comment on your blog and draw huge traffic for you.

Writing meaningful blogs using industry specific key words will help you to gain popularity and create a brand for yourself.

Blog Directories Lists

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# Directory Name Date-added Alexa Rank Category PR DR Rank Details
12013-02-25 9113 Blog Directories76.5View
22012-12-06 500365 Blog Directories12View
32012-12-06 507939 Blog Directories02View
42012-11-12 853419 Blog Directories32View
52013-02-25 115686 Blog Directories44View
62012-10-17 0 Blog Directories57.5View
72012-10-17 618202 Blog Directories33.5View
82012-10-17 0 Blog Directories36.5View
92012-10-17 222903 Blog Directories54.5View
102012-10-17 117070 Blog Directories33.5View
112012-10-17 477651 Blog Directories33.5View
122012-10-17 1113490 Blog Directories12View
132012-10-17 1611745 Blog Directories12View
142012-10-17 908084 Blog Directories23View
152012-10-17 72255 Blog Directories34View
162012-10-17 470806 Blog Directories33.5View
172012-10-17 123767 Blog Directories44View
182012-10-17 496577 Blog Directories33.5View
192012-10-17 342491 Blog Directories44View
202012-10-17 654768 Blog Directories44View
212012-10-17 2926707 Blog Directories33View
222012-10-17 236709 Blog Directories33.5View
232012-10-17 710050 Blog Directories44View
242012-10-17 539907 Blog Directories44View
252012-10-17 519259 Blog Directories44View
262012-10-17 383831 Blog Directories33.5View
272013-02-26 55867 Blog Directories62.5View
282012-10-17 95882 Blog Directories44.5View
292012-10-17 0 Blog Directories36.5View
302012-10-17 496577 Blog Directories33.5View
312012-10-17 0 Blog Directories36.5View
322012-10-17 38099 Blog Directories65.5View
332012-10-17 144426 Blog Directories44View
342012-10-17 298100 Blog Directories44View
352012-10-17 181040 Blog Directories44View
362012-10-17 9064712 Blog Directories43.5View
372012-10-17 962790 Blog Directories44View
382012-10-17 491616 Blog Directories44View
392012-10-17 64363 Blog Directories44.5View
402012-10-17 2775147 Blog Directories43.5View
412013-02-26 101237 Blog Directories42View
422012-10-17 265695 Blog Directories44View
432012-10-17 611307 Blog Directories33.5View
442012-10-17 2846365 Blog Directories22.5View
452012-10-17 77671 Blog Directories44.5View
462012-10-17 2179928 Blog Directories22.5View
472012-10-17 611166 Blog Directories44View
482012-10-17 355871 Blog Directories33.5View
492012-10-17 6381 Blog Directories55.5View
502012-10-17 243095 Blog Directories44View
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