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List of Blog sites which Accepts Guest Posting

Submit Your Content on Blogs: What is Guest Blogging

How about starting your own topic on an online blog? Say we can’t possibly forget the importance of blog writing today just because we’ve opened a website! Blogs might be the shortcut means of submitting your work online however a blog is also a means by which you can market as well as advertise your website online such that the visits, frequency of hits and search engine ranking can increase day by day.

 What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging refers to the concept where you can open a blog simply for increasing the visibility of your website. Now guest blogging can comprise for ambitious entrepreneurs or a big company’s enterprise that has established its business online. One of the essential key factors regarding guest blogging is that it is easy and can be regarded as a mini platform which involves at setting up traffic towards your website. Using backward links, article writing, forums etc these steps can be used to market the content on your content.

Too much of keyword related articles might cause the search engines to reject your work. However the main purpose of ensuring that your work is recognized online is by using blogs. The more and regularly you start publishing your work through blog writing, the easier it becomes for your website to gain instant recognition.

Blog posts can contain links which automatically helps to formulate back way links that catch the search engine’s attention right away! Website that provide back way links are known to be given more recognition than those that have absolutely no targeted platform at all. Guest blogging involves the use of blogs which are sites where you can post content consisting of keywords and thereby promotes your work online of the website.

Benefits of Guest Blogging:

1.    Track the Traffic: If you want to ensure that you can obtain traffic from all corners on the internet then guest blogging is one refined method of getting such a deal. Enjoy the benefits of blogging regularly which is a must since it increases search engine ranking and recognition. Guest blogging involves various processes of comments, feedbacks, forum discussion, threads etc as well as social bookmarking which allows it to formulate an arena of its own where your website is being marketed successfully.

2.    Grab the Links: Another exceptionally necessary advantage has turned out to be link building which maintains the ranking of your website. Posting links of your pages on the blog will allow more traffic feed into your website. A blog is easier to handle and simply can be regarded as an assistant tool for advertising the content of your website to maintain regular search engine visits.

3.    Cheap: Another major use of using blogs is that they’re absolutely cost effective! Unlike a website that will certainly cost you more, blogs can either be cheap or may be bought at a price that is million times lesser than the website’s price. Once you’ve obtained the blog you can always submit it to the search engines such that instant recognition is guaranteed for your blog’s future success.

4.    Exposure and Awareness: Might we add that guest blogging not just improves your skills as a writer it also provides means by which you can increase the awareness of your website online. Your business might be prosperous and rich in its services, however how can people know about it if you’re not marketing it well enough?

Ensure that you’re recognized in the online market by guest blogging because it’s a conventional and efficient means of gaining popularity with a stream of clients flowing in! 

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List of guest posting sites

Guest Blogs Premium Lists

# Directory Name Date-added Alexa Rank Category PR DR Rank Details
1 2012-10-30 134923 Guest Blogs 3 3.5 View

Guest Blogs Lists

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# Directory Name Date-added Alexa Rank Category PR DR Rank Details
12015-04-30 128531 Guest Blogs65View
22014-10-31 76218 Guest Blogs23.5View
32013-10-09 76218 Guest Blogs76View
42013-05-28 0 Guest Blogs40View
52013-05-12 1454482 Guest Blogs22.5View
62013-04-13 641911 Guest Blogs23View
72013-04-01 130203 Guest Blogs23View
82013-03-21 621987 Guest Blogs23View
92013-02-15 60897 Guest Blogs22.5View
102013-02-10 1428821 Guest Blogs12View
112013-01-02 1203862 Guest Blogs22.5View
122012-12-12 12276 Guest Blogs44.5View
132012-12-12 104007 Guest Blogs23View
142012-10-30 149519 Guest Blogs65View
152012-10-30 159667 Guest Blogs44View
162012-10-30 214339 Guest Blogs23View
172012-10-30 85807 Guest Blogs34View
182012-10-30 292036 Guest Blogs54.5View
192012-10-30 314850 Guest Blogs33.5View
202012-10-30 639789 Guest Blogs23View
212012-10-30 12116 Guest Blogs65.5View
222012-10-30 17454 Guest Blogs44.5View
232012-10-30 208103 Guest Blogs54.5View
242012-10-30 96578 Guest Blogs23.5View
252012-10-30 133210 Guest Blogs33.5View
262012-10-30 68755 Guest Blogs44.5View
272012-10-30 10897 Guest Blogs65.5View
282012-10-30 358700 Guest Blogs44View
292012-10-30 239387 Guest Blogs23View
302012-10-30 69486 Guest Blogs44.5View
312012-10-30 167030 Guest Blogs23View
322012-10-30 9933 Guest Blogs66View
332012-10-30 40669 Guest Blogs55View
342012-10-30 654150 Guest Blogs12.5View
352012-10-30 654150 Guest Blogs23View
362012-10-30 404329 Guest Blogs02View
372012-10-30 404329 Guest Blogs33.5View
382012-10-30 256729 Guest Blogs33.5View
392012-10-30 298395 Guest Blogs44View
402012-10-30 88578 Guest Blogs23.5View
412012-10-30 88578 Guest Blogs34View
422012-10-30 103747 Guest Blogs44View
432012-10-30 828006 Guest Blogs33.5View
442012-10-30 37312 Guest Blogs44.5View
452012-10-30 139108 Guest Blogs23View
462012-10-30 195057 Guest Blogs33.5View
472012-10-30 343345 Guest Blogs44View
482012-10-30 98735 Guest Blogs34View
492013-05-21 0 Guest Blogs47View
502013-05-21 0 Guest Blogs57.5View
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