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Find Best List of Document Sharing Sites

Contribution of Document sharing sites for promotion of website

A unique quality of link building is required for maximum utilization of search engine from all corners. Document sharing websites work as a unique tool to generate quality links along with creation of permanent path for attracting traffic to your web site. Document sharing websites proved beneficial for getting exposure in online business. The category of viewers of document sharing site ranges from ordinary viewers to business viewers and also professional viewers too.

Documents which can be utilized in document sharing site:

Unique Blog post, presentation of old power point and also restructured recycled articles can be used apart from new fresh documents.

Sharing of documents can be anything from PDF files to power point presentation and even spread sheets too.

Benefits of document sharing:

·          Help in bringing targeted visitors to the website

·          Shows expertise in building trust

·          Attracts quality inbound link to website

·          Effective viral marketing

·          Good ranking for website by search engine

·          Attracts more traffic to website

Benefits of PPT document sharing:

·          Provides impressive online experience of the file. Without downloading and searching of the document, the same can be visualized in full screen by the viewer

·          Easy sharing of document by embedding on web page and sharing on the social networking site

·          The document can be promoted in social networking site by getting embedded on own web page with use of specific key words, contents and links to it.

·          Documents can be downloaded in different formats like PDF, PPT and word doc.

·          Sites provide you freedom to share files privately and publicly

Methods to draw traffic through document sharing and increase of sale:

·          By allowing users to upload documents in different formats like word, PDF and PPT

·          By generating lot of inbound links

·          By uploading articles using specific key words related to topic in document sharing site

·          By enhancement of ranking in search engine through document sharing site.

·          By Saving file name similar to the key words

·          By Addition of various tags in document

·          By putting links all through the article

·          By using larger fonts while writing the document to act as eye catcher


Methods of creating document for document sharing sites:

·          Make thorough research for key words to be included in the document

·          Open blank file

·          Try to write list based article most popular these days

·          Create resource box at the end of the article so that visitors can click o reach your website

·          Make use of images and text wrapping in your document to make it more attractive and innovative.

·          Use hyperlink in the images

·          Make use of colors, font and highlighting of text for drawing attention of the visitors

·          After saving, upload the file and share in social networking sites or the document sharing sites.

·          Keep repeating the activity of adding more and more keywords to the document


Keep submitting your blogs and articles through document sharing sites and get relieved with little effort. The documents get stored online and provide benefit in gaining good ranking by search engine optimization.


Document Sharing sites Lists

Sort  By    :    Name    Date    Alexa    PR    DR
# Directory Name Date-added Alexa Rank Category PR DR Rank Details
12015-04-30 198531 Document Sharing sites54.5View
22013-02-10 74614 Document Sharing sites55View
32013-02-10 167048 Document Sharing sites33.5View
42013-02-10 8714 Document Sharing sites55.5View
52013-02-10 1453426 Document Sharing sites01.5View
62013-02-10 263119 Document Sharing sites02View
72013-02-10 289062 Document Sharing sites02View
82013-02-10 24884 Document Sharing sites02.5View
92013-02-10 934 Document Sharing sites03.5View
102013-02-10 9714709 Document Sharing sites01.5View
112013-02-10 9146575 Document Sharing sites01.5View
122013-02-10 86733 Document Sharing sites02.5View
132013-02-10 838564 Document Sharing sites02View
142013-02-10 2064670 Document Sharing sites01.5View
152013-02-10 15034 Document Sharing sites02.5View
162013-02-10 578488 Document Sharing sites02View
172013-02-10 324486 Document Sharing sites02View
182013-02-10 806461 Document Sharing sites33.5View
192013-02-10 934 Document Sharing sites03.5View
202013-02-10 102505 Document Sharing sites44View
212013-02-10 2574225 Document Sharing sites01.5View
222013-02-10 443000 Document Sharing sites02View
232013-02-10 504671 Document Sharing sites02View
242013-02-10 674471 Document Sharing sites44View
252013-02-10 649033 Document Sharing sites12.5View
262013-02-10 141246 Document Sharing sites23View
272013-02-10 83350 Document Sharing sites23.5View
282013-02-10 150271 Document Sharing sites23View
292013-02-10 253409 Document Sharing sites33.5View
302013-02-10 79762 Document Sharing sites34View
312013-02-10 174377 Document Sharing sites33.5View
322013-02-10 109145 Document Sharing sites33.5View
332013-02-10 335987 Document Sharing sites02View
342013-02-10 463149 Document Sharing sites33.5View
352013-02-10 56958 Document Sharing sites34View
362013-02-10 47396 Document Sharing sites44.5View
372013-02-10 119622 Document Sharing sites44View
382013-02-10 178751 Document Sharing sites44View
392013-02-10 109728 Document Sharing sites44View
402013-02-10 229193 Document Sharing sites44View
412013-02-10 103667 Document Sharing sites54.5View
422013-02-10 1386 Document Sharing sites45View
432013-02-10 123566 Document Sharing sites44View
442013-02-10 1049622 Document Sharing sites22.5View
452013-02-10 104225 Document Sharing sites44View
462013-02-10 462 Document Sharing sites45.5View
472013-02-10 109550 Document Sharing sites44View
482013-02-10 16615 Document Sharing sites44.5View
492013-02-10 17080 Document Sharing sites44.5View
502013-02-10 9125146 Document Sharing sites43.5View
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