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List of Free Directories Can Save You Lot of Money!

Getting result-oriented back-links is the purpose behind submission of websites, in the appropriate directories. What is the result? The back-links bring forth visitors to the net-world by clicking on them, to the desired site. Directories of Web-directories under various niches, topics, subjects and matters do a yeomen service in this regard, as indicators and guides to the correct web directories, to submit your website. This can be done in two ways – one: submitting your site to Paid Web-directories with a fee; or two: submitting it to Free Web-directories, existing in thousands out there.

You can choose any of the above two options, depending upon the purpose for which you did create your site in the first place. If it is profit making by carrying on business, there is no harm in spending money in the Paid Web-directories. But if your site is intended for public service, non-profit motivated, small home-made business or personal site for sharing your knowledge with others, the option to choose Free Web-directories is ideal.

The general complaint leveled against Free Web-directories is they are crowded; and it takes longer time for getting your site listed inside. This is quite natural and acceptable, considering the phenomenal size of the Internet, and the number of websites waiting to be listed every other day. But the fact remains there are excellent Free Web-directories, with good credit rating for their SEO friendliness. And when compared to the free visitor traffic you are going to get, by listing your website on such top free Web-directories, you’ll agree the waiting is worth it.

Submission to free directories can be done manually by you, by choosing the apt one by the classification of categories available in the List of Web-directories. Such Directory of Directories can help you in finding the exact niche, where the purpose and objective of your website falls, by the detailed reviews of evaluation of every Free Web-directory listed therein. What you have to be careful about, while selecting the Free Web-directory is their age of existence online; their page-ranking by Search Engines; and the quality standards adopted in listing the sites, based on the contents.

It goes without saying the content of your website is the deciding factor, in attracting the net-visitors. Therefore, you can select through the List of Directories the right Free Web-directory and submit your site absolutely free of cost. This way List of Free Directories can save you lot of money!

Free Directories Lists

Sort  By    :    Name    Date    Alexa    PR    DR
# Directory Name Date-added Alexa Rank Category PR DR Rank Details
12013-08-08 151978 Free Directories44View
22013-07-09 459296 Free Directories44View
32013-07-09 312432 Free Directories54.5View
42013-07-09 1647533 Free Directories43.5View
52013-07-09 1573252 Free Directories43.5View
62013-06-29 23443 Free Directories02.5View
72013-06-07 574181 Free Directories02View
82013-06-07 655777 Free Directories23View
92013-06-07 787634 Free Directories23View
102013-06-07 104852 Free Directories02View
112013-06-07 0 Free Directories15.5View
122013-05-28 0 Free Directories40View
132013-05-14 20842318 Free Directories01View
142013-05-08 516086 Free Directories02View
152013-05-08 53249 Free Directories13View
162013-05-06 724444 Free Directories33.5View
172013-05-06 427391 Free Directories02View
182013-05-06 492513 Free Directories02View
192013-05-06 5407180 Free Directories33View
202013-04-28 283614 Free Directories02View
212013-04-28 399049 Free Directories02View
222013-04-24 139553 Free Directories23View
232013-04-24 91135 Free Directories23.5View
242013-04-24 111641 Free Directories33.5View
252013-04-24 151201 Free Directories23View
262013-04-24 153620 Free Directories02View
272013-04-13 174894 Free Directories02View
282013-04-13 245815 Free Directories02View
292013-04-09 278413 Free Directories33.5View
302013-04-09 219760 Free Directories12.5View
312013-04-03 101564 Free Directories02View
322013-04-01 9506491 Free Directories01.5View
332013-04-01 6068546 Free Directories01.5View
342013-04-01 5106001 Free Directories01.5View
352013-03-28 1113042 Free Directories01.5View
362013-03-24 1139359 Free Directories01.5View
372013-03-24 43039 Free Directories44.5View
382013-03-21 575376 Free Directories44View
392013-05-08 54491 Free Directories02.5View
402013-03-06 207849 Free Directories02View
412013-03-06 1154671 Free Directories01.5View
422013-03-06 200117 Free Directories02View
432013-03-05 54668 Free Directories22.5View
442013-02-26 39849 Free Directories02.5View
452013-02-26 21272 Free Directories23.5View
462013-02-26 187320 Free Directories23View
472013-02-26 110118 Free Directories33.5View
482013-02-26 127218 Free Directories44View
492013-02-26 15976 Free Directories44.5View
502013-02-26 79049 Free Directories44.5View
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