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How to Make Best Use of List of General Directories?

Locating a website you are interested in, amidst the ocean of Internet is a tricky issue. Just like selecting the right key to unlock a treasure, you have to type out the correct keywords in the search bar of any Search Engine, to land into the desired site. The whole process of such finding and securing is helped by Search Engines, from the List of Web Directories first, then to the appropriate Web Directory and then finally from the websites listed therein. Thus web sites are submitted by web masters to be found by the net visitor, and searched by net-visitors to find the exact site in the web-directories, via the above order.

A Directory of Directories is created, to compile the huge list of thousands of websites out there, in the proper classification and categorization, so that every site meets with the end-user ultimately. This Directory obviously contains all the web directories, mainly classified as General Web Directories (again bifurcated into two – list of paid directories and free directories) or Niche Directories.

Whatever the nature of the web directory you choose to submit your site, the main objective should be to promote your website, among peers and the competition. This is achieved by taking some precautions before submission, to make use of the directory submission in the best manner possible. First and foremost is selecting the list of General Directories that accommodate every website, from out of the List of Web Directories.

The advantage from these General Web Directories is they are more popular among the general public, as revealed by studies. They have more scope for listing every website under different categories and classifications, depending upon its contents. For example, a website dealing in Natural Health care products can be listed under various headings – Healthcare; Natural Medicines; Ancient medical technologies; Medical treatments without side-effects and so on.

What is important is you get a genuine back-link to drive visitor traffic (and not reciprocal links which are avoided specifically by popular Search Engines nowadays). These multiple links in different topics under the General Web Directories can bring forth more visitors totally. There are very good General Web Directories that are SEO friendly, judging from their back-record and reviews in the Directory of Directories. Listing your site in these General Web Directories can be ideal in two ways – one: most of them are free for website submission, saving money; and two: you get comparatively higher traffic due to multiple listings.

General Directories Premium Lists

# Directory Name Date-added Alexa Rank Category PR DR Rank Details
1 2013-02-06 13895 General Directories 6 5.5 View

General Directories Lists

Sort  By    :    Name    Date    Alexa    PR    DR
# Directory Name Date-added Alexa Rank Category PR DR Rank Details
12013-09-04 148850 General Directories12.5View
22013-09-04 170119 General Directories12.5View
32013-09-04 151510 General Directories23View
42013-09-04 140225 General Directories12.5View
52013-09-04 220699 General Directories12.5View
62013-09-04 312588 General Directories54.5View
72013-08-08 111247 General Directories02View
82013-08-08 157067 General Directories12.5View
92013-08-08 208620 General Directories12.5View
102013-08-08 135955 General Directories23View
112013-08-08 129114 General Directories12.5View
122013-07-09 358784 General Directories44View
132013-06-23 1567099 General Directories54View
142013-06-07 104852 General Directories02View
152013-05-29 218841 General Directories02View
162013-05-28 18162 General Directories55View
172013-05-21 0 General Directories36.5View
182013-05-08 516086 General Directories02View
192013-05-08 53249 General Directories13View
202013-05-06 452510 General Directories33.5View
212013-04-26 1411832 General Directories64.5View
222013-04-24 139553 General Directories23View
232013-04-24 91135 General Directories23.5View
242013-04-24 111641 General Directories33.5View
252013-04-24 151201 General Directories23View
262013-04-24 153620 General Directories02View
272013-04-13 3818050 General Directories01.5View
282013-04-13 2660045 General Directories01.5View
292013-04-09 278413 General Directories33.5View
302013-04-09 219760 General Directories12.5View
312013-03-28 1113042 General Directories01.5View
322013-03-21 941165 General Directories33.5View
332013-02-26 21272 General Directories23.5View
342013-02-26 187320 General Directories23View
352013-02-26 110118 General Directories33.5View
362013-02-26 79049 General Directories44.5View
372013-02-26 84180 General Directories44.5View
382013-02-26 89297 General Directories42.5View
392013-02-26 201655 General Directories44View
402013-02-26 2801 General Directories45View
412013-02-26 102414 General Directories54.5View
422013-02-26 222847 General Directories54.5View
432013-02-26 117158 General Directories54.5View
442013-02-26 6818 General Directories66View
452013-02-26 3535 General Directories73View
462013-02-26 63275 General Directories55View
472013-02-26 81633 General Directories55View
482013-02-26 150874 General Directories54.5View
492013-02-26 80397 General Directories55View
502013-02-26 236486 General Directories54.5View
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