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List of Health Directories


Majority Online Users Search for Healthcare Information

“Health is Wealth” – the saying goes thus. It has been proved by the testimony of millions of online searchers, who access the Internet in search of vital information about healthcare and health problems, experienced by themselves or their dear ones. The latter is the major chunk of instances of online searches made – information sought from websites on behalf of someone else. What do the statistics reveal about this state of affairs?

Well – according to studies conducted during August 2012, 85% of American adults use the service of Internet for various purposes. The figure must be much more, if you take into consideration other countries of the world as well. It is a fact that persons entering the net-world do so, with a specific purpose of searching and availing a service, product or information from the desired websites. Amazingly 80% of the online searchers from the U.S., which is equivalent to 59% of adults, enter the net-world search for health-related and medical information.

Leave alone statistics – you can see in health-related sites, websites imparting information about diseases, ailments and disorders, the remedial action suggested, and all the relevant information regarding symptoms, causes and after-effects of those symptoms are thronged by a mass of people, from all over the world. Splitting the figures of the number of people making a siege of these health-care and medical websites, you can witness that each has a question to find answer for certain health conditions, specific diseases, diseases that are peculiar, suggested medical treatments or procedures etc. from the doctors and medical professionals.

Besides, the most commonly found Internet searches relate to seeking solutions and fitness work-outs, to reduce overweight and attain a customized solution for these problems plaguing more than 60% of the American adults worried upon weight-loss, according to a recent survey. Now that the latest technology advancements have enabled Internet access on the go, through smart phones, the web-traffic so far calculated by statistical surveys will jump up to new heights phenomenally, in the near future.

It boils down to only one thing. Websites that deal with the niche of health-care, which has branched out to innumerable subjects, topics, titles and matters like health-care products, treatments, suggested medial advices and recommendations, solutions relating to anything and everything on human health will be reaping the benefit of increased web traffic, by these recent developments.

As such, the category of health-related websites will be bulging in numbers, requiring scope for a vast potential for advertisement and Search Engine Optimization, through pertinent listing in Web Directories. High-page ranking specialized Health Web Directories can convert the online searchers into potential consumers with focused intention to transact business with these websites. For this to happen, website owners should be on the watch-out for High PR Health Web Directories, to list their websites inside them, and get their respective health-related website popularized among the millions of net-visitors out there.

With a view to help these website owners, in finding the specialized  Health Web Directories for listing, Directory Ready has come forward to compile a comprehensive and exhaustive List of Health Directories, which is published hereunder. This List of Health Directories has just started and will grow from strength to strength, in the coming months. 


Health Directories Lists

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# Directory Name Date-added Alexa Rank Category PR DR Rank Details
12013-02-02 3437379 Health Directories12View
22013-02-02 2365207 Health Directories12View
32013-02-02 1664310 Health Directories12View
42013-02-02 5376438 Health Directories01.5View
52013-02-02 12593820 Health Directories01View
62013-02-02 582587 Health Directories02View
72013-02-02 6692492 Health Directories01.5View
82013-02-02 8363257 Health Directories01.5View
92013-02-02 8156038 Health Directories12View
102013-02-02 5533685 Health Directories12View
112013-02-02 4927780 Health Directories12View
122013-02-02 2456524 Health Directories12View
132013-02-02 2473811 Health Directories12View
142013-02-02 2294713 Health Directories12View
152013-02-02 969388 Health Directories23View
162013-02-02 811776 Health Directories23View
172013-02-02 6467215 Health Directories22.5View
182013-02-02 669865 Health Directories23View
192013-02-02 6244091 Health Directories22.5View
202013-02-02 6283139 Health Directories22.5View
212013-02-02 6783510 Health Directories22.5View
222013-02-02 2127769 Health Directories22.5View
232013-02-02 4607542 Health Directories22.5View
242013-02-02 4453862 Health Directories22.5View
252013-02-02 2160397 Health Directories22.5View
262013-02-02 3605669 Health Directories22.5View
272013-02-02 1079984 Health Directories22.5View
282013-02-02 609844 Health Directories23View
292013-02-02 2086540 Health Directories22.5View
302013-02-02 1051126 Health Directories33View
312013-02-02 1928322 Health Directories33View
322013-02-02 898090 Health Directories33.5View
332013-02-02 2432904 Health Directories33View
342013-02-02 3351070 Health Directories33View
352013-02-02 2738836 Health Directories33View
362013-02-02 935290 Health Directories33.5View
372013-02-02 1727088 Health Directories33View
382013-02-02 1157096 Health Directories33View
392013-02-02 2465760 Health Directories33View
402013-02-25 792933 Health Directories33.5View
412013-02-02 2330328 Health Directories33View
422013-02-02 1117840 Health Directories43.5View
432013-02-02 943152 Health Directories44View
442013-02-02 1474222 Health Directories43.5View
452013-02-02 923473 Health Directories44View
462013-02-02 3073442 Health Directories43.5View
472013-02-02 260972 Health Directories44View
482013-05-21 0 Health Directories47View
492013-02-02 1423770 Health Directories43.5View
502013-02-02 1232708 Health Directories43.5View
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