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Creation of Information graphics

Info graphics or information graphics Visual is a graphic representation of various information and knowledge. It makes graphic representation of Complex and complicated information in clear and quick manner. With the support of information graphics it has been easy to communicate and develop concepts with use of single symbol for processing information by people like mathematicians, computer engineers, scientist and also statisticians.

Steps and ways in creating information graphics:

Selection of concept is one of the most important areas in information graphics. Select such a topic that resembles to your website and the product and services offered over there. Be sure what you selected is best suited to your website.

Collection of required information is the next step after concept selection. While selecting information for the creation of information graphics you need to be very cautious as you need to select latest data and work on it. Your Info graphics needs to be eye catching with valid and current information, so that your visitors get attracted to your site.

Info graphics need to work in such a manner so that it can present large and complicated information in an interesting and attracting way. The presentation need to be clear, easy and straight.

Use of graphic symbols , diagrams and maps increases the visibility of the web site

Choose controversial topics for using Info graphics as that will help you to draw more traffic to the web site.

Work efficiently for promoting your Info graphics. Make use of your other sites and blogs for the promotion. Link your Info graphics to all major social networking sites for promoting it.

Use blog post in your Info graphic for promoting through social channels

Highlight you Info graphic with screen shots and photos of your company giving message to public about the product they deal or the services they render for customers.

Keep options of add on values in the Info graphics for the clients you are targeting

Use Add on gifts option in Info graphics

Make use of relevant keywords to describe the Info graphic

Submit your Info graphics to Info graphics submission sites, the same will support in gaining attention of viewers. You may get offer for re-publishing of your visual in other sites

Help yourself to share your work with others to gain popularity. Try to find easy way out to spread and share the work with others.

Make regular follow ups to get your Info graphics clicked fast and find way outs for getting more people attracted to you website.

Info graphics are the most popular method to visualize data and also to bring traffic to the site. It can be used to describe chorology, hierarchy, flow chart and process .You can get use full back links for your site with the use of info graphics.

Areas where Info graphics can be used:

·          For Data Visualization

·          For creation of information design

·          For Editorial work


Infographic Websites Lists

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# Directory Name Date-added Alexa Rank Category PR DR Rank Details
12015-04-30 128531 Infographic Websites65View
22013-04-13 9243608 Infographic Websites01.5View
32012-12-20 937378 Infographic Websites02View
42012-10-29 12271 Infographic Websites65.5View
52012-10-29 34430 Infographic Websites44.5View
62012-10-29 1360 Infographic Websites55.5View
72012-10-29 318035 Infographic Websites33.5View
82012-10-29 63175 Infographic Websites55View
92012-10-29 298879 Infographic Websites23View
102012-10-29 1272077 Infographic Websites43.5View
112012-10-29 477347 Infographic Websites23View
122012-10-29 8594 Infographic Websites55.5View
132012-10-29 545968 Infographic Websites44View
142012-10-29 0 Infographic Websites57.5View
152012-10-29 0 Infographic Websites68View
162012-10-29 476203 Infographic Websites12.5View
172012-10-29 492 Infographic Websites77View
182012-10-29 9202 Infographic Websites55.5View
192012-10-29 65802 Infographic Websites55View
202012-10-29 236152 Infographic Websites33.5View
212012-10-29 0 Infographic Websites36.5View
222012-10-29 1155438 Infographic Websites43.5View
232012-10-29 3577 Infographic Websites55.5View
242012-10-29 7787 Infographic Websites66View
252012-10-29 151 Infographic Websites87.5View
262012-10-29 249262 Infographic Websites44View
272012-10-29 31935 Infographic Websites55View
282012-10-29 81671 Infographic Websites44.5View
292012-10-29 0 Infographic Websites26View
302012-10-29 0 Infographic Websites57.5View
312012-10-29 956728 Infographic Websites44View
322012-10-29 268090 Infographic Websites02View
332013-02-10 254 Infographic Websites87.5View
342012-10-29 732128 Infographic Websites33.5View
352012-10-29 210961 Infographic Websites33.5View
362012-10-29 0 Infographic Websites36.5View
372012-10-29 38 Infographic Websites77.5View
382012-10-29 0 Infographic Websites47View
392012-10-29 0 Infographic Websites05View
402012-10-29 184958 Infographic Websites44View
412012-10-29 112178 Infographic Websites33.5View
422012-10-29 0 Infographic Websites36.5View
432012-10-29 10607 Infographic Websites44.5View
442012-10-29 170 Infographic Websites77View
452012-10-29 891352 Infographic Websites23View
462012-10-29 531969 Infographic Websites33.5View
472012-10-29 18456 Infographic Websites44.5View
482012-10-29 16626 Infographic Websites76View
492012-10-29 81618 Infographic Websites44.5View
502012-10-29 158820 Infographic Websites23View
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