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How Useful Is the List of Paid Directories?

Web directories are the digital database for finding a particular website, in the ocean-like phenomenon called Internet. Each and every website floated by the webmaster into the High Street, automatically gets listed inside the appropriate web directory by its domain name. This automatic listing is not enough, for getting your website’s online presence, to be brought to the attention of the ultimate end-user and net-visitor for your site, among the hundreds of thousands of websites created already and continuing to be floated afresh every day. So website owners also submit purposely their websites, for getting listed in the Web Directories.

For the benefit of usage by website owners, to park their websites in the relevant web directories there are Lists of Directories. These Lists of Directories are compiled into classified information, depending upon the niche, subject, topic, and activities of every website. Broadly, the classification is bifurcated into two kinds – List of Free Web Directories and List of Paid Web Directories.

As the name itself denotes, Paid Web Directories are the ones, which undertake submission of websites into them for classification, on chargeable basis. Now you will know the biggest difference between Paid and Free Web Directories. Nothing comes free in this world and for websites created for the purpose of business and profit, this thumb-rule is squarely applicable.

The Paid Web Directories are always cautious in listing the websites submitted in the appropriate niches and subjects, to derive maximum benefits to the web owners, by diverting visitor traffic hugely. Yet by the very functioning of these Directory Websites, the quality of service varies. The List of Directories you expect to help in identifying the chaff from the wheat should be able to analyze the individual performance of each such Paid Web Directories, and project them for your information.

The List of Paid Directories presented to you should be the one that contains factual information about the merits and demerits of each Paid Web Directory, because you are expected to spend money for listing your site there. You are to get the value for the money by the page-ranking of your site for SEO purposes, which in turn will divert maximum visitor traffic to your website. It is a fact that Search Engines readily index websites, prominently from these recognized Paid Directories, more than anything else. And that is the top-most use of List of Paid Directories.

Paid Directories Premium Lists

# Directory Name Date-added Alexa Rank Category PR DR Rank Details
1 2013-02-25 115686 Paid Directories 4 4 View
2 2013-02-02 19400 Paid Directories 6 5.5 View
3 2013-02-02 67619 Paid Directories 6 2.5 View
4 2013-02-06 13895 Paid Directories 6 5.5 View
5 2013-02-06 57184 Paid Directories 5 2.5 View

Paid Directories Lists

Sort  By    :    Name    Date    Alexa    PR    DR
# Directory Name Date-added Alexa Rank Category PR DR Rank Details
12013-12-07 115686 Paid Directories44View
22013-06-23 1567099 Paid Directories54View
32013-06-23 299651 Paid Directories44View
42013-06-23 985370 Paid Directories54.5View
52013-06-23 444413 Paid Directories44View
62013-06-07 0 Paid Directories05View
72013-05-28 0 Paid Directories40View
82013-05-21 0 Paid Directories36.5View
92013-05-06 492513 Paid Directories02View
102013-04-26 1411832 Paid Directories64.5View
112013-04-18 17852 Paid Directories55View
122013-04-09 278413 Paid Directories33.5View
132013-04-09 219760 Paid Directories12.5View
142013-04-06 4977490 Paid Directories01.5View
152013-02-26 89297 Paid Directories42.5View
162013-02-25 844087 Paid Directories02View
172013-02-25 9053238 Paid Directories33View
182013-02-26 218996 Paid Directories33.5View
192013-02-26 28130 Paid Directories34View
202013-02-26 89440 Paid Directories34View
212013-02-26 271472 Paid Directories32View
222013-02-25 537630 Paid Directories33.5View
232013-02-25 1965296 Paid Directories33View
242013-02-25 1113141 Paid Directories33View
252013-02-25 792933 Paid Directories33.5View
262013-02-26 111489 Paid Directories33.5View
272013-02-26 38601 Paid Directories34View
282013-02-25 4314594 Paid Directories33View
292013-02-25 939014 Paid Directories33.5View
302013-02-26 58099 Paid Directories34View
312013-02-25 486489 Paid Directories33.5View
322013-02-25 169156 Paid Directories33.5View
332013-02-26 54870 Paid Directories34View
342013-02-26 241531 Paid Directories33.5View
352013-02-26 57148 Paid Directories34View
362013-02-26 210196 Paid Directories33.5View
372013-02-26 62153 Paid Directories34View
382013-02-25 595861 Paid Directories33.5View
392013-02-25 530235 Paid Directories33.5View
402013-02-25 2863048 Paid Directories33View
412013-02-26 23249 Paid Directories34View
422013-02-26 287160 Paid Directories33.5View
432013-02-26 26289 Paid Directories34View
442013-02-26 206478 Paid Directories33.5View
452013-02-26 185082 Paid Directories33.5View
462013-02-25 7252115 Paid Directories33View
472013-02-26 22205 Paid Directories34View
482013-02-26 133541 Paid Directories33.5View
492013-02-26 26899 Paid Directories34View
502013-02-25 2858416 Paid Directories33View
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