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List of Press Release Sites for Submission and Distribution

Press release a popular tool for increased creditability of a company

Press releases of your company in press release websites can open up the option of first page visibility very quickly with the help of your key words. Sometimes it happens that you occupy multiple spots on the very first page of a press release directories site because of correct selection of the key words.

A press release on popular news sites provides you the option for capturing attention of the media and by offering high end creditability for your website and company. You gain trustworthiness as soon as potential clients start visiting your website and read the press release  through online creditable sources. Exposures to media increases by distributing your press releases by using press release distibution sites list availble at directoryready. The traffic increases with the increased result of the visitor's interest on the press release.

Availing advantage of the potential search engine optimization will help in increased visibility of press releases, thereby improving the position and rank of the website of the company in the result page of the search engine. More over writing and submitting of press releases to list of press release sites is an important marketing tool and easily affordable and help you gain visibility and good ranking in search engine.

Reasons to publish press releases in press release distribution sites:

  • Provides high end coverage of potential media
  • Increased visibility by potential search engine
  • Gains back links through news sites having creditability which in turn increases the popularity and rank of the website, the reason being your key words.
  • Quick results in response and increase in traffic

 Press release through press release directory sites by a company is the best medium to deliver about new developments and happenings of the company. If written in proper way with good key words the ranking would be good in search engine. It also facilitates your website with vital back links with enhanced position in the ranking of the search engine.

Tips for writing press:

  • Know the correct key words before writing the press release as key word is the only medium which visitors search for checking out and showing interest in your products and services.
  • Take help of word tracker for selecting right key words for the write ups in your site.


Key elements of press release:

Title of press release: Use key words in the title

Summary : A synopsis about press release in a sentence or two utilizing secondary key words

Body of press release: Provide details about the news in subjective mode. Use about three to four  keywords in the body of the press release

Details about the company: Give the company details in a third person mode. Prefer to use link of home page of company. Better to use the link in anchor text.

Contact for press: Select one person of your company to be the contact person for the media .Provide the name of the person, email Id with phone number and the website for the press contact.

Efficient use of press release with suitable key words can actually bring the popularity for your website and company through Press release directories site.

Press Release Sites Lists

Sort  By    :    Name    Date    Alexa    PR    DR
# Directory Name Date-added Alexa Rank Category PR DR Rank Details
12013-02-10 222688 Press Release Sites23View
22013-02-10 188989 Press Release Sites23View
32012-12-19 65489 Press Release Sites65.5View
42012-12-19 26622 Press Release Sites34View
52012-12-19 653653 Press Release Sites02View
62012-12-19 78431 Press Release Sites55View
72012-12-19 5446761 Press Release Sites01.5View
82012-12-19 216772 Press Release Sites02View
92012-12-19 342552 Press Release Sites65View
102012-12-19 562259 Press Release Sites02View
112012-12-19 195923 Press Release Sites33.5View
122012-12-19 39262 Press Release Sites65.5View
132012-12-19 8058 Press Release Sites55.5View
142012-12-19 3648488 Press Release Sites01.5View
152012-12-19 4252030 Press Release Sites01.5View
162012-12-19 35210 Press Release Sites44.5View
172012-12-19 3007 Press Release Sites87View
182012-12-19 980051 Press Release Sites44View
192012-12-19 21371 Press Release Sites34View
202012-12-19 72084 Press Release Sites55View
212012-12-19 1842904 Press Release Sites12View
222012-12-19 146821 Press Release Sites23View
232013-05-21 0 Press Release Sites47View
242012-12-19 360936 Press Release Sites44View
252012-12-19 3201031 Press Release Sites01.5View
262012-12-19 370990 Press Release Sites33.5View
272012-12-19 415234 Press Release Sites02View
282012-12-19 1447345 Press Release Sites22.5View
292012-12-19 31791 Press Release Sites44.5View
302012-12-19 71402 Press Release Sites44.5View
312012-12-19 1828601 Press Release Sites22.5View
322012-12-19 1033474 Press Release Sites01.5View
332012-12-19 24442 Press Release Sites55View
342012-12-19 1159128 Press Release Sites33View
352012-12-19 12039 Press Release Sites44.5View
362012-12-19 37761 Press Release Sites13View
372012-12-19 23282 Press Release Sites34View
382012-12-19 259926 Press Release Sites33.5View
392012-12-19 4573 Press Release Sites66View
402013-05-21 0 Press Release Sites47View
412012-12-19 24196 Press Release Sites34View
422012-12-19 5016 Press Release Sites66View
432012-12-19 18224 Press Release Sites44.5View
442012-12-19 22980 Press Release Sites44.5View
452012-12-19 65564 Press Release Sites65.5View
462012-12-19 16566821 Press Release Sites01View
472012-12-19 37559 Press Release Sites55View
482012-12-19 27240 Press Release Sites44.5View
492012-12-19 538198 Press Release Sites54.5View
502012-12-19 89719 Press Release Sites65.5View
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