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Question and answer sites- A key to answer of your question

The pattern of question asked by interviewers in the interview session are somewhat known to every candidate who so ever is appearing in the interview for a dream position in the organization.  But the problem arises when we need to find the right answer to the question so asked to impress the interviewers. In such a typical situation we think of getting a quick source to find the suitable answer to the question expected in the interview board.

The answer to these expected questions can be easily available if you check out in the list available in the question and answer site on the web. Question and answer in these sites are designed keeping in mind the specific position for which you will apply for. Aside to these you can expect some common question irrespective of any interview for any position.

Features of Question and answer sites

Flexibility: After through research it has been found that answer to a specific and expected question of client attracts more visitors than the blog on the company site. In such instances you need to be flexible to retool the online strategy f or focusing and reaching more customers through "question and answer" mode.

Genuine to client: A link to your website and the end of the post will help you in checking out whether others are getting engaged in answering before you. Make you self a consistent player across various platforms and make use of your name and title in forums requiring user name.

Avoid misleading: Avoid answering to questions which you don't know properly and result in misleading and can even be fined.

Believe in quality: The answer to question posted by you in reply to a question of poster not only reaches the poster but also viewed by visitors of similar interest and who accesses the search engine. This in turn helps you to get rid of answering to every question having some relation to your business.

Benefits of joining forum of question answer site

  • In a position to make you presence feel on line
  • Increase in popularity and reputation. People will start recognizing you as a person with knowledge and power to solve problems.
  • If you are able to write and help client in a positive way then chances are there of making you the author there.
  • High end traffic can be attracted through forum question and answer sites if your answer to question asked is liked by the visitors.
  • Forum sites can provide you good quality back links.
  • Monetary benefit is expected as some forum sites offer revenue if you participate well in the forum.
  • Facility of advertisement of your company can be done in some specific forum site.
  • Receive quick answer to your questions
  • Options to participate in contests held by forum sites and  get benefit if you win
  • Good suggestions are available if you are a part in the forum site.


So keep participating in forum sites to get benefitted and to give benefit to others by answering to questions in an easy compiled manner.


Q and A Websites Lists

Sort  By    :    Name    Date    Alexa    PR    DR
# Directory Name Date-added Alexa Rank Category PR DR Rank Details
12012-12-14 78887 Q and A Websites55View
22012-12-14 83445 Q and A Websites34View
32012-12-14 980025 Q and A Websites33.5View
42012-12-14 266176 Q and A Websites44View
52012-12-14 1093 Q and A Websites55.5View
62012-12-14 174 Q and A Websites66.5View
72012-12-14 12009 Q and A Websites65.5View
82012-12-14 1748 Q and A Websites66View
92012-12-14 172803 Q and A Websites65View
102012-12-14 32470 Q and A Websites65.5View
112012-12-14 353454 Q and A Websites02View
122012-12-14 2502519 Q and A Websites43.5View
132012-12-14 256845 Q and A Websites02View
142012-12-14 7 Q and A Websites04.5View
152012-12-14 2480208 Q and A Websites01.5View
162012-12-14 10953405 Q and A Websites11.5View
172012-12-14 788723 Q and A Websites12.5View
182012-12-14 376443 Q and A Websites23View
192012-12-14 3420966 Q and A Websites22.5View
202012-12-14 29088 Q and A Websites23.5View
212012-12-14 315048 Q and A Websites33.5View
222012-12-14 2569548 Q and A Websites01.5View
232012-12-14 176266 Q and A Websites33.5View
242012-12-14 655114 Q and A Websites33.5View
252012-12-14 630006 Q and A Websites33.5View
262012-12-14 1344284 Q and A Websites33View
272012-12-14 12181914 Q and A Websites32.5View
282012-12-14 0 Q and A Websites36.5View
292012-12-14 4766009 Q and A Websites33View
302012-12-14 240410 Q and A Websites33.5View
312012-12-14 880163 Q and A Websites02View
322012-12-14 2240600 Q and A Websites43.5View
332012-12-14 195138 Q and A Websites44View
342012-12-14 32732 Q and A Websites44.5View
352012-12-14 209166 Q and A Websites44View
362012-12-14 4579649 Q and A Websites64.5View
372012-12-14 787 Q and A Websites66.5View
382012-12-14 6480 Q and A Websites55.5View
392012-12-14 12243 Q and A Websites55View
402012-12-14 187447 Q and A Websites54.5View
412012-12-14 156167 Q and A Websites54.5View
422012-12-14 103005 Q and A Websites54.5View
432012-12-14 2460 Q and A Websites55.5View
442012-12-14 112154 Q and A Websites65View
452012-12-14 1 Q and A Websites67.5View
462012-12-14 17092 Q and A Websites65.5View
472012-12-14 0 Q and A Websites68View
482012-12-14 4239 Q and A Websites66View
492012-12-14 47403 Q and A Websites65.5View
502012-12-14 21468 Q and A Websites65.5View
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