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RSS a beneficial network for advancement

RSS represent "Really Simple Syndication". It is like a summary of the website. You have to subscribe to RSS feed of the website and you will keep on getting updates of the site without going back to site again and again. It's a simple text file after being submitting in feed directory , will make the content visualized to the  subscribers in a short span of time after submission. It can be read more easily with use of feed reader. It is an important part of a website or a blog. People will prefer to use RSS feed when they want to know more about your website of company and its products and services.

Advantages of Really Simple Syndication or RSS

·          RSS feed is a useful and powerful tool for making your website and articles efficient for getting back links.

·          RSS gives you the option to choose keywords of your choice and desire, creating an anchored back link to your site.

·          RSS helps in increasing the traffic to the search engine

·          Helps in reaching the newly made audiences through syndication.

·          The search engine optimization gets improved through RSS.

·          A cost efficient way for communication.

·          Increases the customer network for the website

·          Improves page visibility of the website

·          Ranking increases with the use of RSS feed in the search engine.

·          It facilitates fast browsing for the news and its updates.

·          Saves time as you don't need to visit multiple pages for updated information.

·          RSS can be compiled based on users choice

Types of information available in RSS feed directories:

Feed for blog:Various blogs are listed in RSS feed directory, where summary of each blog is feed. It is easy for visitors to track blog suiting their interest from the list in directory.

Feed for article: Articles are introduced in feed giving alert to the users about new article and content. From the summary of the article users can decide whether it suits there interest or not.

Feed for forum:You can receive forum post over RSS feed. It will reflect the discussion topics of recent time. If the topic is of interest of the user then they can just click it at join the forum. With updated topics new entries keeps on getting added.

Feed for schedule: Use of RSS feed is done to communicate about events, meeting, time for the same and even sometimes the place where the event is going to take place. Intimation about change in schedule and timing of events are communicated Via RSS feed.

Feed on discount and special scheme:Information about latest schemes and discount going one are informed through RSS feed specially for the retail online stores.

Monitoring of news through feed:  Users having specific interest of any news on any specific area and take the service of RSS feed to monitor the updates in this news.


The use of RSS feed directory available in separate categories helps us in getting data's and information easily based on our interest, choice and preference.

RSS Directories Lists

Sort  By    :    Name    Date    Alexa    PR    DR
# Directory Name Date-added Alexa Rank Category PR DR Rank Details
12012-10-30 8546 RSS Directories66View
22012-10-30 6311 RSS Directories76.5View
32012-10-30 80804 RSS Directories34View
42012-10-30 312327 RSS Directories23View
52012-10-30 123105 RSS Directories44View
62012-10-30 64497 RSS Directories65.5View
72012-10-30 912577 RSS Directories12.5View
82012-10-30 88710 RSS Directories44.5View
92012-10-30 618783 RSS Directories44View
102012-10-30 107939 RSS Directories54.5View
112012-10-30 29352 RSS Directories76View
122012-10-30 53289 RSS Directories44.5View
132012-10-30 1201 RSS Directories76.5View
142012-10-30 126132 RSS Directories44View
152012-10-30 2454 RSS Directories87View
162012-10-30 42969 RSS Directories76View
172012-10-30 113387 RSS Directories44View
182012-10-30 13926 RSS Directories44.5View
192012-10-30 244058 RSS Directories44View
202012-10-30 183422 RSS Directories23View
212012-10-30 239963 RSS Directories44View
222013-02-26 9573 RSS Directories43View
232013-02-26 3403 RSS Directories63View
242012-10-30 216538 RSS Directories44View
252012-10-30 12194 RSS Directories55View
262012-10-30 137902 RSS Directories44View
272012-10-30 11392683 RSS Directories22View
282012-10-30 134196 RSS Directories44View
292012-10-30 38915 RSS Directories44.5View
302012-10-30 34208 RSS Directories55View
312012-10-30 371045 RSS Directories33.5View
322012-10-30 39082 RSS Directories76View
332012-10-30 257405 RSS Directories33.5View
342012-10-30 332470 RSS Directories44View
352012-10-30 89623 RSS Directories44.5View
362012-10-30 73605 RSS Directories13View
372012-10-30 73605 RSS Directories13View
382012-10-30 69730 RSS Directories65.5View
392012-10-30 201377 RSS Directories44View
402012-10-30 40794 RSS Directories86.5View
412012-10-30 121692 RSS Directories44View
422012-10-30 245975 RSS Directories44View
432012-10-30 27216 RSS Directories55View
442012-10-30 3463926 RSS Directories01.5View
452012-10-30 22079 RSS Directories55View
462012-10-30 35375 RSS Directories44.5View
472012-10-30 22237 RSS Directories34View
482013-04-17 187528 RSS Directories75.5View
492012-10-30 270676 RSS Directories54.5View
502012-10-30 0 RSS Directories15.5View
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