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List of Social Networking Sites

Web sites allowing users to create profiles for the public in that web site only to be in communication and relationship with other users having access to their profile is known as social networking site. Social networking sites are used to create; forum for online discussion, chatting with friends ;and others through chat room and even website based on community. It is the most convenient and fastest way for communicating with each other in the 21st century. Although social networking can take place by meeting physically but still the same online attracts people more these days. Web sites are more commonly used for the social networking. It is primarily an online community for the users of internet.

Various social networking site evolved in the last few years and became very popular among the internet users in spite of having several advantages and disadvantages. Some networking site encourages you to create Id and share your identities and interest along with picture, videos, music clips and many more in the list. People keep sharing their interest and information with other users of the social networking sites online.

Benefits of social networking sites:

  • Promoting your site and business at nil cost. You can go ahead and create an id with the profile of your business in any of these networking sites. This will give your company a visibility among your virtual networking friends. You can even expand your business and create new contact for it through networking.
  • Educational benefit is huge in using this networking sites as it open up new window with use of technology skill along with creativity and views of  diverse people. It helps in communicating and sharing views among the student of different topics and subjects.              
  • Finding people of similar nature of interest and goals in life , is  easy using this networking site. They can easily find such people and share their views and ideas in a more technical and cost efficient way.
  • Some networking sites offer subscription for advertisement of your company and product
  • Social networking sites has changed the concept of going and meeting people at distant places.

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