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Tricks of sharing social videos of your web site through Video sharing directories

For introducing your newly created site and to promote it to an excellent level can only be possible by the support of web directories. While promoting it through social videos the help of web directories is of utmost importance. There are some parameters or you can say some well defined methods which if you follow can bring success to you in short span of time. Let's check out some of the primary method which can give you success in driving traffic to the site of yours by sharing of social video.

Firstly while creating the video be sure and confident about the target group you are focusing too. Now days with the introduction of various electronics gadgets for easy producing of video in a short period made the path smooth for you. You can use a webcam and record the shooting for promoting your site and get the same enlisted directly from YouTube .On the other way you can also use a cam studio for this purpose.

Secondly when you write a detailed description, always write using appropriate key words which describes your site in a very elegant way mentioning the benefits and use fullness of your products and services .While doing this try to visualize from the perspective point of view of your viewers. Think of ideas which will attract the viewers more and more towards your site over others.

Thirdly keep searching of friends having same pattern of interest like yours and try adding them in a group. Introduce yourself to groups having interest in video topic similar to you and try interacting with them with genuine feelings as this will help you to know more about promoting your site in the web directories in a well defined manner.

Fourthly don't forget to use http://” in the link which is to be clicked in web directory. Try using the link in your description. Aside to this you can also use URL link on the video as text title. You can take help of Windows Movie Make and can also use Apple iMovie. Use affiliated link or the address of the website in the bar of description.

Fifthly invite others for viewing your video. Get the video link included in the blogs of your website and as visitors to view the video and rate the same. As more and more people starts visiting to view your video, the higher the chances of getting your video ranked higher by the video sharing services available with web directories. If you can encourage viewers to comment on your video, more the chance you will get to get your video rank higher.

Lastly before uploading the video check the restrictions mentioned by different web directories relating to the size of file, duration of video, format and also the subject matter to be uploaded in the video file.

Keep following the mentioned tips for social video sharing and success will be yours.

Video Sharing Sites Lists

Sort  By    :    Name    Date    Alexa    PR    DR
# Directory Name Date-added Alexa Rank Category PR DR Rank Details
12013-09-04 3096528 Video Sharing Sites01.5View
22013-02-17 9849613 Video Sharing Sites33View
32013-02-11 3692511 Video Sharing Sites01.5View
42012-12-06 755026 Video Sharing Sites02View
52013-02-25 312346 Video Sharing Sites44View
62012-10-17 1723 Video Sharing Sites76.5View
72012-10-17 22910 Video Sharing Sites44.5View
82012-10-17 70427 Video Sharing Sites65.5View
92012-10-17 17785 Video Sharing Sites65.5View
102012-10-17 103 Video Sharing Sites56View
112012-10-17 945970 Video Sharing Sites12.5View
122012-10-17 2306 Video Sharing Sites45View
132012-10-17 3169 Video Sharing Sites55.5View
142012-10-17 1500 Video Sharing Sites55.5View
152012-10-17 476 Video Sharing Sites77View
162012-10-17 4 Video Sharing Sites78View
172012-10-17 1342 Video Sharing Sites76.5View
182012-10-17 2339 Video Sharing Sites55.5View
192012-10-17 45603 Video Sharing Sites55View
202012-10-17 168 Video Sharing Sites77View
212012-10-17 191662 Video Sharing Sites44View
222012-10-17 49261 Video Sharing Sites65.5View
232012-10-17 490 Video Sharing Sites66.5View
242012-10-17 905 Video Sharing Sites77View
252012-10-17 28179 Video Sharing Sites76View
262012-10-17 4995 Video Sharing Sites55.5View
272012-10-17 74 Video Sharing Sites88View
282012-10-17 4414 Video Sharing Sites66View
292012-10-17 315 Video Sharing Sites66.5View
302012-10-17 3339 Video Sharing Sites55.5View
312012-10-17 9472 Video Sharing Sites66View
322012-10-17 441 Video Sharing Sites66.5View
332012-10-17 1112774 Video Sharing Sites43.5View
342012-10-17 358 Video Sharing Sites77View
352012-10-17 1259235 Video Sharing Sites64.5View
362012-10-17 489 Video Sharing Sites77View
372012-10-17 103 Video Sharing Sites77View
382012-10-17 2 Video Sharing Sites78View
392012-10-17 34 Video Sharing Sites67View
402012-10-17 17 Video Sharing Sites77.5View
412012-10-17 1461 Video Sharing Sites45View
422012-10-17 4 Video Sharing Sites78View
432012-10-17 3570 Video Sharing Sites45View
442012-10-17 785 Video Sharing Sites66.5View
452012-10-17 658 Video Sharing Sites77View
462012-10-17 190 Video Sharing Sites77View
472012-10-17 129 Video Sharing Sites98View
482012-10-17 42411 Video Sharing Sites55View
492012-10-17 1840928 Video Sharing Sites22.5View
502012-10-17 17301 Video Sharing Sites55View
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