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List of Web 2.0 sites

Advantages using web 2.0 sites

With change in technology, changes appear in information technology also. The web 2.0 sites are launched keeping in mind the advancement of the technology. Web 2.0 sites help people sharing their webpage of website online which were never expected before. This web 2.0 sites are more dynamic and user friendly than before. These days information are shared by users in such a unique way with introduction of Web 2.0 sites ,which people cannot think off even some years before.

Features of web 2.0 sites:

Simplicity of web 2.0: It is a simple web design implemented with a clean and clear focus.

Central layout: Web 2.0 is the site aligned in front and center straight away giving a bold and simple look. The site is positioned centrally with in the window browser.

Fewer columns: Fewer columns give a simple and elegant look, communicating more clearly the required information in fewer words. Two columns are mostly found now days, maximum being not more than 3 columns.

Separation of top section: It is essential to make the top of the screen look clear and distinct. It's one of the best ideas for giving an elegant look to the site.

Important areas of real estate screen: The important and major areas of the web page need to be presented in bold and clear manner specially the important areas of real estate. Real estate consists of navigation, canvas, content area, extra stuff and cross links. You can use colors for the real estate screen.

Simplicity in navigation: Project a clear template identifiable as navigation and easy to be targeted. It needs to be clearly separable from non navigation.

Bold and expressive logo: Logo should be strong, unique, clear and bold, creating a smart impression among the visitors of the web site. The Logo should be distinctive in representing your brand and should work visually.

Big Text: Use bigger text for representing important features and information in a bigger and bold way. It makes the text more noticeable and distinctive from others.

Introduction of bold text: Bold text enhances the USP of the web site. It creates difference in the visualized appearance of the site.

Use of strong colors: Make use of strong and bold colors which is eye catching and able to draw attention. Use the same for dividing the page into clear sections and highlighting most important information. It helps in bringing your product and services in the notice of the visitors.

Rich in surface: Use 3D effects to enhance the quality of the design of the site. It helps in giving a rich appearance to the website.

Use of gradients: It gives a soften look to the website rather than a flat tone of color. It gives a good effect to the site.

Reflection: Use of reflection enhances the impressiveness of the site.

Use of icons: Use of better icons in web 2.0 designs gives more meaning to the website.

Use of flash: Use of star shape labels on web pages make you aware of something important. It works really well to highlight the features' of the product of the company.

Benefits of web 2.0 sites

  • Increases sharing of knowledge
  • make marketing more effective
  • Increase in the number of back links
  • Increase in PR and traffic for the website

Active and efficient use of Web 2.0 sites will help you get noticeable and in becoming a popular brand for the people to bang up on.

Web 2.0 Sites Lists

Sort  By    :    Name    Date    Alexa    PR    DR
# Directory Name Date-added Alexa Rank Category PR DR Rank Details
12012-10-21 25580 Web 2.0 Sites55View
22013-05-21 0 Web 2.0 Sites57.5View
32012-10-21 0 Web 2.0 Sites57.5View
42012-10-21 343 Web 2.0 Sites66.5View
52012-10-21 25421 Web 2.0 Sites55View
62012-10-21 4183 Web 2.0 Sites87View
72012-10-21 574343 Web 2.0 Sites33.5View
82012-10-21 4166 Web 2.0 Sites66View
92013-05-21 0 Web 2.0 Sites78.5View
102012-10-21 4183 Web 2.0 Sites87View
112012-10-21 4166 Web 2.0 Sites66View
122012-10-21 1756 Web 2.0 Sites76.5View
132012-10-21 167380 Web 2.0 Sites44View
142012-10-21 90353 Web 2.0 Sites55View
152012-10-21 2009 Web 2.0 Sites66View
162012-10-21 301 Web 2.0 Sites87.5View
172012-10-21 393 Web 2.0 Sites77View
182012-10-21 2126 Web 2.0 Sites76.5View
192012-10-21 19816 Web 2.0 Sites55View
202012-10-21 319 Web 2.0 Sites87.5View
212012-10-21 36 Web 2.0 Sites88View
222012-10-21 3084 Web 2.0 Sites76.5View
232012-10-21 7376 Web 2.0 Sites45View
242012-10-21 0 Web 2.0 Sites47View
252012-10-21 180 Web 2.0 Sites77View
262012-10-21 6687 Web 2.0 Sites55.5View
272013-05-21 0 Web 2.0 Sites78.5View
282012-10-21 954310 Web 2.0 Sites44View
292012-10-21 151481 Web 2.0 Sites54.5View
302012-10-21 23370 Web 2.0 Sites55View
312012-10-21 83918 Web 2.0 Sites44.5View
322012-10-21 118 Web 2.0 Sites87.5View
332012-10-21 36718 Web 2.0 Sites44.5View
342012-10-21 37924 Web 2.0 Sites44.5View
352012-10-21 52080 Web 2.0 Sites44.5View
362012-10-21 471 Web 2.0 Sites77View
372012-10-21 25580 Web 2.0 Sites55View
382012-10-21 8870 Web 2.0 Sites66View
392012-10-21 7909 Web 2.0 Sites66View
402012-10-21 12392 Web 2.0 Sites65.5View
412012-10-21 47 Web 2.0 Sites98.5View
422012-10-21 18509 Web 2.0 Sites55View
432012-10-21 9065 Web 2.0 Sites66View
442012-10-21 8193 Web 2.0 Sites66View
452012-10-21 316981 Web 2.0 Sites23View
462012-10-21 56478 Web 2.0 Sites55View
472012-10-21 2807 Web 2.0 Sites66View
482012-10-21 295100 Web 2.0 Sites44View
492012-10-21 22 Web 2.0 Sites98.5View
502012-10-21 321205 Web 2.0 Sites33.5View
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