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Privacy, Cookie, term and conditions Policy of Directory Ready

Privacy Policy

we hope you like our website and it is very useful for you. we are safe and we protect your privacy and we maintain your information confidential. we

Cookie Policy

When a visitor enters the website , you are tracked by cookies. As this website uses cookies so by entering and using this site , you are legally agreed to track your details for research purposes. We use cookies for tracking visitors through analytics, and some third party tools used also may use cookies. And Also the information provided by you through different sources like contact form, sales etc are safe with us.

Terms and Conditions

We try maintain all content and links of third party legaly and not copyrighted. But still you may face some problems , but we are not legally responsible for those things. We are not legally responsible for any third party content or images which are copyrighted . As we also allow product reviews, news, topics posted which are provided by different authors . And we don’t not guarantee the products or services or anything which you have gone through the website links .Of course we provide some services directly and we gaurantee those. We try to protect us and users as possible as we can.